A New Perspective in Aviation and Test Systems

"Alti Dynamics is a dynamic company founded by two PhD students in 2015 at METU Technopolis complex. Founded by the combination of different engineering disciplines, this company has developed a high standard of projects in many different areas, and then focused on aviation and testing systems. In addition to the aviation and test area, the company, which adds to the software field in addition to the world-wide developments, successfully completes the whole system with its own resources in the field." 

Our Company Policy


Turkey and in international markets, research and development-oriented infrastructure with producing worldwide accepted standards with quality-oriented solutions, a leader in the area, giving importance to customer satisfaction become an aviation company.


Developing professional solutions in the aviation industry by continuously developing and renewing R & D projects in line with international quality standards and developing R & D projects, facilitating the transportation of high quality, affordable products and therefore all people to services.

Quality Policy

As Alti Dynamics, we will always adhere to the sustainable environment, occupational health and safety philosophy, and we will continue to contribute to the development of the sector in which we operate by continuously improving our business processes. By analyzing the environmental impacts of our works, we will shape all our process designs with high analyze environmental sensitivity.

Company Culture

It is our most important goal to continuously follow these developments in the ever-changing and developing aviation and defense sector, to implement them as soon as possible and to become a pioneer in some aspects with our design and development activities. It is one of the basic policies of our company to fully understand the requests, needs and problems of our customers and to work in partnership with our customers. It is a value that our company attaches importance to reflecting these common solutions to the designs of the products in the best way and increasing the satisfaction of our customers by producing the most economical and high quality parts with the desired criteria. In this process, our company aims to provide our customers with the highest efficiency and better user experience by transferring the characteristics of our products and usage patterns in the most accurate way.

Target Sectors

Defense Industry

Defense Industry

With the familiarity with the standards which are imperative in the defense industry, we make design and production according to these standards and sector.



We have many different applications and solutions in the aviation industry, which is our area of expertise. In particular, we have high standard solutions for testing and fluid mechanics.

Industrial and Academic Studies

Industrial and Academic Studies

Together with joint development projects or scientific research projects with universities that conduct research and development activities in academic field, we produce special test systems for projects not previously done.


Completed Projects


Completed Academic Studies


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Recurring Customers